Featured Work

Series of Unfortunate Events [TV Series] || VFX Colorist
The Shallows [Feature] || VFX Colorist
ZEDD - Moment of Clarity [Documentary] || Colorist
Chromeo - Old 45’s [Music Video] || Colorist
Marriott’s “Two Bellmen 3 - Korea” [Brand Short] || Colorist
Coldwell Banker Previews [Commercial] || Colorist
ONE Coconut Water Spots [Commercial] || Colorist
Betting on Zero [Feature Documentary] || Colorist
Juveniles [Feature] || Colorist
Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife [Feature] || Colorist
Dawn Richard - Blow [Music Video] || Colorist
K Michelle - Crazy Like You [Music Video] || Colorist / Beauty Retouching
Renaissance's “Business Unusual” [Brand Short] || Colorist
K Michelle - Hard to Do [Music VIdeo] || Colorist / Beauty Retouching
Know Your Enemy [Feature] || Colorist
Marriott’s “Two Bellmen” [Brand Short] || Colorist
Sol Relays [Commercial] || Colorist
What Now [Feature] || Colorist
Reebok Web Spots [Commercial] || Colorist
The Harvesting [Feature] || Colorist
The Insomniac [Feature] || Colorist
The Thompsons [Feature] || Colorist
My Amityville Horror [Feature Documentary] || Colorist

Color grading is an essential step to finishing any moving picture medium. Whether it be a feature film, commercial, or music video, color is the process that brings brings the film to life and brings out the true creative intent and potential of your negative. The process allows the director and DP to bring out the important colors, focus the viewers eye, give the picture the right texture, and ultimately define the look of each scene that will connect the story to the viewer emotionally and visually.

Let your viewers experience your vision EXACTLY the way you see it, and enhance your picture to tell the story you want.

Roundabout Entertainment Santa Monica 4k grading theater.

Roundabout Entertainment Santa Monica 4k grading theater.

I currently work at Roundabout Entertainment, inc. in Burbank, CA, with a second office in Santa Monica. For booking, please reach out to Jeannette Zepeda at:

(818) 842-9300 ext 227