A Digital Imaging Technician is a key member of the camera department for several reasons. On most sets, the DIT is the only person who ensures the data integrity of the media between set and post-production. Never sacrifice your data, it's your most valuable asset on set.

The DIT also assists the camera department in video signal routing, display calibration, live color, transcoding and image quality checks. The DIT assists the DP in creating the look on set, and either baking them as 1-light color corrections for editorial, live-grading to adjust the production monitor looks on the fly, or creating LUTs to be used during the post-production process.

The DIT helps create a smooth transition into post-production by ensuring all formats and camera metadata is correct, which is invaluable on a production with short post-production turn-around times.

I have a high-end Mac Pro cart that can handle Red, Arri, BMC cameras, and more. I can manage high speed data transfers, color on set, and transcode out the files for editorial. At the end of the day, production will get detailed reports of all the clips including important metadata, and file checksum hashes which can be used to verify all the files are perfectly in-tact even years down the line.