1:1 Pixel Crop from Epic 5K

After a few weeks of down time during my move, I finally was able to get back to touching up the photos from my shoot with Nadine a few weeks back. In a previous blog post I wrote about my excitements and frustrations with using the Epic for the first time in a fashion shoot environment (read "First Time Shooting Stills with Red Epic").

As difficult as it was to switch off my "cinema mind" when using the epic, the handful of incredible shots I got made it all well worth-it. Next time will be so much better with all I learned from this shoot.

I did a fair amount of dodging and burning since the pose was a bit stressed on her neck and face. I may post some tutorials on my workflow later, but for now enjoy seeing what the Epic is capable of! The top is the full image (slightly cropped on top and bottom) and the bottom part is a 1:1 pixel to pixel crop assuming you're viewing it full-size.