Back in 2013, director Benjamin Bondar and I set out to northern California to film a funding trailer for a feature film script "Persecuted" about the persecuted Christians during the height of the Soviet Union (Not to be confused with the feature film of the same title that came out last year, set in the US). After continuing to search funding, we decided to turn the trailer into a short film, and went back out to film new scenes for the short. After almost a year and a half of on and off production and post-production, we finally finished the short, had a fantastic score done by Robert Elliot, and submitted to iTunes.

The film climbed to the top 20 in the Short Film section of iTunes, and we are very proud of the final product. Please show your support for new filmmakers and the short film community by purchasing your copy on iTunes for only $2.99. You can find the film here: PURCHASE PERSECUTED ON ITUNES or PURCHASE ON AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO. We hope you enjoy it, and check out the trailer below!